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Author guidelines:
Cuadernos de Medicina Psicosomática y Psiquiatría de Enlace

1. "Cuadernos de Medicina Psicosomática y Psiquiatría de Enlace" preferably publishes manuscripts that include a focus on experimental and/or biological models as well as empirically proven therapies (e.g.: cognitive-behavioral therapy) in clinical psychology, psychiatry and/or psychosomatic medicine. The journal welcomes original research articles, meta-analyses and literature reviews, clinical cases in article format and letters to the editor. Suitable manuscripts will be either in Spanish or English.

2. Manuscripts should be submitted through the following e-mail address: psico.dex@quiron.es. They should be addressed to the attention of Dr. JM Farré i Martí.

3. Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that they are original, have not been published, and are not under simultaneous review elsewhere. All authors must approve of the submission, and before publication, the corresponding author should secure permission to name anyone listed under acknowledgments. Most manuscripts are sent to outside peer reviewers. The rights of reproduction in any form are property of "Cuadernos de Medicina Psicosomática y Psiquiatría de Enlace". Authors must state whether potential conflicts of interest exist and in case of including previously published material in the manuscript, authors must also include all corresponding permissions.

4. Manuscripts must comply with the publication standards of APA (American Psychological Association). Being some of the basic requirements:

a. Papers should not be longer than 6000 words (including references, figures and tables) in DIN-A4 size. The entire document should be in 12 point normal times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, with margins of 3 cm and the page number placed at the upper right.

b. First page must contain: title in Spanish and English. Authors and affiliations; all names are listed together and separated by comas. Affiliations should be keyed to the author's name with superscript numbers and be listed as follows: Laboratory, Institute, Department, Organization, City, and Country. The Corresponding Author should be marked with an asterisk. Provide the exact contact address (this time including street name and city zip code) and email of the corresponding author in a separate paragraph. The second page should include an abstract in Spanish and English (maximum 250 words) with four key words also in Spanish and English.

c. Manuscripts should be organized as follow: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion/Conclusion and References.

d. All citations in the text must be in the reference list and vice-versa. The references should only include articles that are published or accepted. In-text citations should be called according to the surname of the first author, followed by the year. For works by 2 authors include both surnames, followed by the year. For more than two and less than six authors, include all authors at the first citation and in the following ones include the first author followed by "et al.", followed by the year. For works of more than 6 authors include only the surname of the first author, followed by et al., followed by the year. If the author's name is part of the narrative, only the year shall be bracketed. To identify works by the same author, or authors, of the same date, be added to the year the letters a, b, c, as required, repeating the year.

e. References should be listed at the end of the manuscript in alphabetical order conferring the first author surname according to the following criteria:

i. Books: Author (Surname, coma, first letter of the name and full stop; in case of multiple authors, separate with coma and before the last with a "y"), full stop, year (in parentheses), full stop, full title in italics, full stop, city of edition, colon, publisher, full stop.

ii. Chapters in collective books: Author(s) (surname, coma, first latter of the name and full stop; for multiple authors, separate with coma and before the last author add "y" or "&") , full stop, year (in parentheses), full stop, title, full stop, followed by the authors' names of the book (first letter of the name, full stop, surname) followed by "Eds." (in parentheses), coma, book title in italics and in parentheses, chapter page, full stop, city, colon, publisher.

iii. Journal articles: Author (surname, coma, first letter of the name and full stop; in case of multiple authors, separate with coma and before the last with a "y" or "&"), full stop, year (in parentheses), full stop, title of the article, full stop, name of the journal in italics, coma, volume, number in parentheses, coma, first and last page separated by a hyphen.

5. Book Reviews: will be submitted in .doc format and in 12 point normal New Roman Times with 1.5 spacing. Head title should be the book title followed by the book reference citation. Book reviews should not exceed 800 words.

6. Case study. The manuscripts will maintain, as far as possible, the following structure, in addition to those previously mentioned in paragraph 4 (except 4c):

• Patient Identification
• Analysis of the reason for consultation
• History of the problem
• Analysis and description of the problem behaviors
• Establishment of treatment goals
• Study of the therapeutic objectives
• Selection of the most appropriate treatment
• Selection and application of assessment techniques and results obtained in this phase
• Treatment implementation
• Evaluation of the treatment effectiveness
• Follow-ups: specify whether they took place and in what periods
• Remarks

7. Once the submission has been completed, the corresponding author will receive a confirmation email and the manuscript will be forwarded to referees for external evaluation. Corresponding author will be periodically updated with the manuscript status (suggested review modifications and/or manuscript acceptance).

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